Jeff H.

Al and Zaid showed up punctually at 7 am. As a matter of fact, they came 10 minutes early. As Al was walking up to my door Zaid was already on his way over to my condensator to start his diagnostic work. They had a device that was able to sniff for leaks and found a leak in a flair fitting in my dining room mini split. They tightened up the fitting and re-pressurized the system. Al and Zaid hung around for a half hour checking the 5 mini split heads’ temperatures and adding in more freon as needed at the condensator. They had the entire system up and running in under 3 hours. Their final price also came in under their estimated cost! When was the last time you had service and that happened?
I had one estimate made by the top Daikin dealer in the valley. That estimate was $1800 for diagnosis, $2700 to rehang all 5 mini split heads after taking them down for diagnosis and $175 per pound for coolant. The total cost without a discount would have been $6250 being the worst-case scenario and having to add 10 lbs of freon. I got a second estimate over the phone of $1600 for diagnosis. Both Al and Zaid came in person and looked everything over and gave me a bid that was a bit less than the lowest bid last week so I hired them (See last week’s review).
Being a journalist I tend to ask a lot of questions and I found out that AZ Comfort Crew is a small 2 man operation. I like giving work to small business owners. It helps local economies and keeps commerce circulating in the community. My feeling is that small businesses tend to work harder and care more about the quality of their work because they need to maintain a top level of service to get and maintain clients and their prices tend to be lower than a company with a lot of trucks and a huge overhead.
That all being said, I cannot thank Al and Zaid enough for doing a fantastic job and coming in way under budget, not to mention with everything they did and the job being completed they still came in for less than the other 2 companies who wanted $1800 and $1600 just for a diagnosis. I trust these guys totally and I would not hesitate to call them again or recommend them to family or friends